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About us

Say goodbye to sacrificing style for fit. Our jeans hug all the right curves and provide a longer inseam making finding the perfect pair that much easier. Taboo is quality denim for the tall woman. 

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"Our mission is to help women of all races and all sizes feel comfortable and confident in their extraordinary bodies."

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If you're here, it's most likely because you know the tall girl struggle all too well. We created Taboo Denim for every tall girl that has felt left out by the new denim trends, the girl that would spend hours looking for the right fit in-store, and the girl who got picked on because her jeans would always open the flood gates. Yikes! 


TD is a unique line that caters to women who need jeans with a longer inseam. Our denim is uniquely designed to provide consistent sizing and quality for each and every customer. 


TD is here to keep you trendy, comfortable, and confident as you make your mark on the world. Where other brands fall short for the tall woman, Taboo Denim always has you in mind.

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The process for creating our uniquely designed jeans is almost one year in the making. Countless hours of research, size correcting, and manufacturing everything down to the zipper has finally brought us here. A quality denim product that we're excited and inspired by.

Each pair of jeans is named after someone that inspired the owner, Tabia Kuntz, on this journey to create a product that would not only solve an issue she struggled with for years but one that is the solution for so many women out there that deserve to look and feel beautiful in denim. 

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Meet The Owner

Tabia Kuntz is an at-risk youth mentor, hairstylist, dog mom, and fellow Tall Bae. She birthed Taboo Denim after years of frustratingly searching for the perfect fitting jeans. She noticed a deficit of longer inseams and inconsistent sizing in the denim world and decided to offer a solution for women like her. 


Tabia's mission is to provide the hottest styles of denim that offer the perfect fit for women needing the extra length. She believes you should not have to choose between style and comfort. You can have both with Taboo!

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