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  • Are Taboo Denim jeans true to size?
    Yes, all of our jeans are true to size!
  • Do the jeans stretch?
    Yes, our jeans are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex which allows them to hug your body in all the right places!
  • Can I choose a custom inseam?
    Currently, you cannot choose a custom inseam. However, we do offer sizes with inseams up to 37.
  • Does Taboo offer sizes above 13?
    Currently, we only offer sizes up to 13, but we are in the proccess of designing a special TD Plus Collection. Stay tuned!
  • If my jeans don't fit can I return them?
    Yes, if your jeans do not fit we do accept returns. Please follow the instructions listed on our return policy page here.
  • When will my item be shipped?
    Your order is shipped one business day after placing the order. If the item is ordered locally in Orlando, FL the item will be delivered the next business day. Please see more on our shipping policy here.


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